Sharesight API - Introduction

Sharesight's API (Application Programming Interface) allows external technology partners to securely connect and transfer data between applications. Users are authenticated using OAuth, an open protocol to allow secure authorisation in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications.

How can you use Sharesight’s APIs?

There are two main ways to leverage the Sharesight API:

  • Push trade data into Sharesight customer portfolios
  • Pull Sharesight customer portfolio data into your platform or app

Here are some examples of how our partners have leveraged the Sharesight API:

Example API use case Vertical
Push trade data into customer Sharesight portfolios, making it easy for investors to track all their holdings in one place. Robo-advisers and brokers
Push buy/hold/sell or other recommendations and insights into Sharesight customer portfolios. Finance websites and research providers
Provide award-winning performance and tax reporting to your customers within your platform. This includes the impact of dividends and currency fluctuations. Brokers and robo-advisers
Allow Sharesight customers to sync their portfolios to your platform or app, for further analysis and insights. Fintechs and wealtechs
Provide your website subscribers with a personalised widget that displays their current market value of their portfolio(s). Finance websites and research providers
Leverage Sharesight as a platform for a stock picking competition. Finance websites and research providers

What APIs does Sharesight offer?

Sharesight provides two versions of it’s API:

  • The V2 API is where you will find the bulk of our endpoints. Over time we are replacing our V2 endpoints with our more recent V3 feature set.
  • The V3 API endpoints represent our newest API functionality. Check our V3 endpoints first for the functionality you are after. If you cannot find the necessary endpoint then try our older V2 feature set.

Getting started

  • If you are an existing Sharesight customer on our Investor or higher plan and want to use the API to solely access your own data, send an email to [email protected] requesting access to the Sharesight API. Make sure to specify the Sharesight email address you would like the API credentials connected to.
  • If you are a developer looking to try out the API, send an email to [email protected] requesting access to our sandbox environment. We will send you a signup link to the sandbox environment along with a ‘Tester Password’. Once you confirm your registration we will then configure an API application against your sandbox account.
  • If you are a business professional considering connecting to the Sharesight API to access our tax reporting and performance data, please visit our partnerships page for more information, and complete the form to get in touch with our partnerships team.