User API - Overview

Our User API works
with OAuth 2.0

The Sharesight User API allows you to integrate your own application with Sharesight's online portfolio management software. Access is permissioned on a per-user level. With this you can access data in any of the user's portfolios.

The User API is available over HTTPS. Simple JSON format is used for communication via the API. We take a RESTful approach employing simple HTTP GET and HTTP POST methods for requesting or sending data.

The User API uses the open authentication standard OAuth 2.0 for a secure data exchange. It allows third parties to authenticate with a Sharesight user, without users needing to divulge their passwords outside of Sharesight.

When you register for User API access, Sharesight will provide you a consumer key and a consumer secret.

Documentation Content

Provides basic information and an overview of the Sharesight User API.
Configuring OAuth
Lists OAuth credentials and endpoints.
Oauth 2.0 Example
Shows how to obtain, use and refresh access tokens.
Usage Limits
Describes our API rate limits and how to handle them.
User API Endpoints
Lists and describes all endpoints (API reference).

Transaction Logging

Detailed transaction logging is provided. This can prove useful for debugging purposes during the initial setup.

To access this page, log into your Sharesight account and click the settings link (in the top right) and then click on the API tab. The Show Transactions button provides a log of all User API transactions between Sharesight and your organisation. The complete XML/JSON request and response is logged for each transaction, this can be shown by clicking on the Show details link.