Connect API - Configuring OAuth

To authenticate with OAuth we strongly recommend that you use an OAuth library in your favourite programming language .

Your OAuth library will require the following URLs to be configured:

Request Token URL
Access Token URL
Authorize URL

For the test environment, replace “” with “https://test­”.

All calls to Sharesight Connect must be signed using your private key with the HMAC­–SHA1 signature method.

View your API access details

Once you have been provided with Sharesight Connect access, you are provided with a settings page under your Sharesight account to configure your application and monitor Sharesight Connect API transactions. To access this page, click the My Details link (in the top right) and then click on the Sharesight Connect tab.

Edit your application details

Click the Edit link (on the bottom of the page) to edit your application details including your organisation name and application, default callback and support URL’s.